22 Januari, 2016


1. PETRONAS is Malaysian government's biggest source of revenue / income, covering 1/3 of the annual budget for the country. I repeat 1/3.

2. The oil price has been extremely low since the past few months. It even reached below $28 per barrel last friday whilst the cost of producing oil remains high.

3. Less profit for PETRONAS means less revenue for the government.

4. Less revenue / income for the government means less budget to be spent by government for that particular year. When this happens, who'll be affected? Not only PETRONAS, but the country as a whole. That includes you and me. Each and everyone of us. All of us will be affected.

So daripada duk share speculation pasal nasib pekerja PETRONAS dan syarikat-syarikat O&G, ada baiknya kalau kita semua bantu dan gunakan produk PETRONAS. Fill your tank with PETRONAS product. Sama-sama pulihkan ekonomi PETRONAS dan negara.

I'm pretty sure it'll make a difference. I'm proud to say that I have been loyal to the brand since the moment I joined the corporation. That is after I realised how much PETRONAS has contributed the government since its incorporation in 1974.

I hope, you too, will do the same...

May the force be with you, PETRONAS, Malaysia and Malaysians.

May the force be with us all.