16 Mac, 2017


Turmeric @ MUSANG Durian KING KING!
Durian Varieties of Turmeric (Durian ziberthinus Linn.) Or also called Durian 'Musang King has been registered with the register D197 in the registration list of the Department of Agriculture crop varieties. Durian is a very popular variety with many cultivated in Kelantan, Pahang (Raub), Johor and Perak. This variety has been registered by Mr Wee Beng Chong from Tanah Merah, Kelantan on 9 December 1993.

During the durian varieties registered name is 'King of Turmeric' based on the characterization of the durian-shaped oval, light green color, fill color is yellow, browse thick, fat taste, very sweet and slightly bitter taste. Ordinary people or the local people in Malaysia are more familiar varieties by calling clone D197. Durian is a high demand for cultivation since been registered and is a popular durian varieties.

At present the area in Bentong, Pahang is the main production area of ​​durian with the brand 'Musang King durian'. Price durian is among the most expensive varieties and stable throughout the year. The authors found that at an average price Musang King durian between RM15.00 - RM30.00 per kilogram sold roadside stall around Raub and Bentong. Compared with the D24 and D168 durian varieties of durian is the average price is around RM2.50 - RM5.00 per kg.

Durian fruit has a length of medium size approximately 20 cm long with a width of medium (15.5 cm) and the average weight of the fruit is also a medium of 1.8 kg. Election ratio of length to width of the fruit measured at 1.38: 1. The shape of the fruit is said to be ovate (oval) with the base of the shoulder is a little flat. Form the end of the round in which the fruit stalk length measured along the 5.4 cm. The diameter size of the fruit stalk is simplified.

The composition is divided thorn fruit stalk is relatively coarse spines joined while the arrangement of spines on the end pieces are broad based or not barbed. Form thorn in the share of fruit is no letterhead. Thorn between the share of the fruit is larger than the share of thorns. The share of the fruit varieties of turmeric (D197) or fox King is clearly visible on the skin of the fruit.

King durian thorns Turmeric has a yellowish brown color at the base of the spine and the spine at one end, while brown. Only those who are very careful to distinguish colors available on thorns. I use a magnifying glass to look closely at the differences in skin color on durian thorns when making inspections.

This fruit is very pleased to be opened when the autumn and cooked through. Duration fruit to mature in the medium category, which is not too long or fast. Thick rind which opened dikuur 1.7 cm thick. When viewed contents are yellow with medium-sized cloves and it is thick. When ingested it will taste sweet and have a slightly bitter taste, but taste very strong fat.

Texture fill Musang King durian fruit / King Turmeric / D197 is said to be simple, so simple that it solidity. Aroma at least not like it is someone else's durian smell strong contents. Rate content on fruit weight is on the environment in 0243 that 25% of quantum density compared to the weight of the fruit.

Usually there are 4 cloves beans or content on the flats. The study also shows the percentage kesep seed for this variety is 70% (very high) while the percentage of seeds contains half only 30%. Special advantages of this variety is not there found a totally seed percent (0%). Medium grain size which is not too big or not too small.

5 Tips To Identify Musang King durian fruit Figure Turmeric or Mao Shan Wang JK1165

1. "Mao Shan Wang" has 5 external characteristics that differentiate it from other durian.

2. Durian "Mao Shan Wang" has thorns shaped pyramid, a square (angular) and there is a flat edge.

3. Durian "Mao Shan Wang" usually oval, like a rugby ball (it is also sometimes shaped like kidneys).

4. Durian "Mao Shan Wang" also has a unique feature that is five lines of the base of the fruit to the side of the fruit, ala "starfish".

5. Base "Mao Shan Wang" is also bald and flat (identical form of "starfish" the leper).

These five characteristics must be present in a durian. Another type of durian may have one or two features are mentioned, but not all at once.

If you choose durian "Mao Shan Wang" good, its contents will be yellow royal (as it is also called Durian Daun table!). Fragrance sweet and not too strong.

Its content was delicious and creamy. It is a sweet flavored with a little bitterness - a whole combination of balance and of course delicious. The seeds are small, flat and level surface "waxy".